What Does Body Positivity Mean To You?

With the latest craze last week on Twitter about an upcoming new book titled Body Positive, the book written by British Television personality Louise Thompson (a thin women) includes 15 minutes home workout and the recipes she swears by to keep her feeling energised, according to the publishing site The bookseller. It's being billed as a "recipe and fitness book". However social media users did not mince words when it came to the title.


7 Way's To Discover Your NICHE In A Concentrated Blogging World.

If you virtually read any " How to blog" you'll find blogging niche and style filed under the most critical factor in a creating successful blog. 

I'm a homebody, a lone wolf and enjoy my own company.

Since it is mid November it is perfectly acceptable to stay at home and not want to leave the house, if I say so myself. Whether it is November or not however I'm a homebody all year round, and so I'm definitely on board with this.

Mental Health is Not a Trend

Although I'm aware that Mental Health Week is long gone, it still felt like it an appropriate time to write this post. I wanted to talk about metal health in more of a honest way for a while now, but was always held back.


3 Awkward topics us girls don't like to talk about.

Someone like myself who will discuss and debate any and every topic I had to do a post on few topics on not much talked about topics that us girls have to go through at times. Im sure there are a plethora of them, but for not lets have a little conversation about some main ones that I once or still do feel uncomfortable to talk about. 

Hey, It's Okay...

Here's a little reassurance from me to you,  whatever it is that your going through at the moment. 


How to deal with running into an ex

Oh, the joys off running into an ex. have been there before (what a small word). Whether things ended on a good note or as a complete disaster. It's pretty damn akwaaaaard- there's just no way around that, sadly.


I have been told by many that I'm in the "don't talk to me until I have morning coffee or else I might hurt you" category, even when I was a school/ college I was the grumpy kid who just couldn't wait to go home after a long day of school and sneak in a little nap.

5 reasons to say NO more often.

Do you say yes because you want to solve a problem, meet a need or straight up to be liked? Is this an occurring thing? If that is a yes, then I can say that I get it, I get that saying no can be incredibly hard to say and make you feel anxious or guilty.

The Problems with Women

Recently I stumbled upon an article by the daily mail, all about how one women doesn't want another women to succeed. And as someone who persistently never understood the exchange of hate between women, the article totally enthralled me. My favourite line had to be "women see everything as an emotional battlefield". Now I'm not gonna lie I was a little you know- how dare you say that about us women. Were all about championing each other and like our girl Queen B said "who runs the world ...Girl".

Saying that we do live in a society where us girl thrive to be empowered women, and we all crave attention and validation. So every women out there feels compelled to compete with her fellow girlfriend next door. And I do think a little competition is needed at times to power start your drive, however not when you focus is fuelled with jealousy.

So, Mean Girl's is not just a movie; it is a way of life people adopt when they feel like they are better than other people. I do feel like the problems that women have with each other seem as though I am pointing fingers. But I'm simply referring to the problems with all women, not just women other than me.

Okay, so let me put things into perspective for you before reading the rest on my thoughts the believe that there are two type of people in the world; people that are "wise" and the "not so wise" people.

A "wise" person ('m not referring to intelligence or someone with a higher IQ) would never want to follow the exact footsteps of someone else, they take on their failures and disappointments and hold on to the fact that their journey to success is personal to them.  The "wise" person will embrace the journey that is carved for them and not focus on the journey of the girlfriend next door . They understand the success comes to everyone at different times

However the "not so wise person" will attack anyone that might be threat to their "territory" (success). Now, I'm not a specialist or anything but that could be due to their underlying issues that they may not even know are there (and most don't)

So here are few of my problems with "not so wise "women, dissected.

1. She feel more comfortable with (horrible) labels. 
Some of the not so nicest girls that I've come across with would categorise everyone in sight. I guess you know the drill. " That girl thinks she knows it all...and her friend is a bitch"

Note- spouting fumes at someone else takes the focus of you. We all have flaws and make mistakes but bad naming other women is just not needed, so focus less on their negative attributes and more on what they are made off. 

2. She cant handle your happiness. 
The green-eyed monster is real. 

The "not so wise" person will fuel her insecurities with jealous tendencies and not listen to her girlfriend's new promotion she was offered. Or that cute (but deserved) thing her boyfriend did the other day. Or the exam/ assignment she ACED  that you know she's been working hard on.

We all have insecurities, but don't fuel them with fear but only show it love. 

3. She believe's there's safety in number. 
Who want's to be that one girl that goes against the girl with the crowd? no one want to do that, especially in high school and college! It's just much easier to agree- we all might disagree but we  eventually come to agree 

When I was in school. I was the girl who stayed silent when someone commented about another girl that I knew wasn't deserved. it was fine for a while but eventually cliques do want to know your loyal to them especially when they drop "why would you be here if you don't agree with us?" 

But as time went on I  just cant pretend to agree anymore. And decided to cut ties as they were going to keep being horrible anyway. Probably forever! 

so I can say I'm happy as long as I can project my authentic self and stand for what I believe (proud moment guys)

4. She thinks she's always right. 
Women like to make themselves feel better by assuming that their opinions are correct. We all do this. it's a women thing! 

however the "wise" person would  accept that they are  wrong about thing too. Accepting your wrong because you don't know something else about another woman's life. Once you accept this, the labelling will fall away as you accept that everyone believes themselves to be in the "right about everything category" 

A truly wise person will not try to tear you down. So let the world weed them out eventually!

Note- Just starting out as a small blogger and I can happily say that I would never want to follow the exact footsteps of any successful blogger out there. This is my journey that is very personal to my authentic self! 

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Do your thing girl x 


7 Misconceptions About University Life

Hello, Hello!!
Welcome to my university series. Where I hope to share some lessons and tricks I have embezzled along the way that could be of help to any of you. Not the " get a catered accommodation with an ensuite" or "whoever you sit next to in your welcome lecture will be your potential friend/lover for life"-Spoilers, they were wrong!. But, the sometimes neglected negatives that go along university life,  some misconceptions of university that I was not aware off before I made my merry way to the next chapter of my life. 


8 Things You MUST Do This Autumn

So I know its not officially autumn yet, but I can say that I do feel personally victimised by Englands ever changing weather right now. The past couple weeks the weather is just not agreeing with its season status.


Hey there, Lonely girl..

I'm an introvert. And if your introverted or know someone who is an introvert then you'll know the contentment which comes from being alone. Whether thats staying at home watching movies all day in the comfort of your own quiet space, going to coffee shops solo and just enjoy the world go. by, or simply just treating yourself to some shopping but again solo- wandering around lost in your deep thoughts.

Personal | Dear Self, Thank you

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Dear self,

Its a shame that I am hard on you, let you treat others with more love. You deserve to be celebrated too so thank you ...

How do you define beauty ?

Beauty doesn't have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.  Your body is your temple, its your home and you must decorate it- Gabourey Sidibe. 

Here's a little something different- few things I wish I heard when I was younger.  

Beauty. At the mention of this word, most girls including myself will run to the closest mirror. Some may go further, running an endless list of insecurities through their mind and just let out an exasperated sigh- Come on we all must have done it at least once in our lifetime but totally isn’t our fault – how can it be when from a young age, we’re all condition to compare ourselves to our pinups or social media gurus-  every corner flashing the words “you aren’t good enough’

Although I do feel the industry is trying to break the ideal image of what “perfect women” is supposed to look like. You and I know it well that magazines, movies and social media outlets are still spoon feeding us....and we all; especially the younger girls struggle to understand the ideal definition of beauty- the long legs, amazing hair, curves in all the right places, the perfect skin, the caked on makeup.  Our poor bank accounts screaming why! 

Despite how hard social media boasts a sparkling image of what every girl should look like or the life they should pursue, many of us just don’t. But still, girls continue to try and fit themselves into this image of “perfection”. And most of the time, it comes with a costly price and as sickening as it sounds our society hears young girls skipping meals. For years, eating disorders have plagues women who just want to feel like they are beautiful.

 For many of us the struggle to fit into the mould of perfection goes far beyond the realm of these specific examples. Instead, the pressure to be perfect begins weighing down and consumes every aspect of our lives. We set out to change everything about ourselves from hair to makeup routine and beyond. My question is: why? Why pursue a superficial image that is ultimately is  unattainable? Why conform to society distorted standards? Why choose to give in and believe that you are just not good enough?

So here comes my answer to the questions as a young girl I've searched the answers for; It is my belief that there is no true definition of beauty. Beauty doesn’t have to be a size 0 girl in your favourite magazine. Totally not limited to girls with long hair and tons of makeup. Come on, there must be more to the word. Beauty is a  strong willed girl who flaunts her imperfections by standing up against her insecurities. Who learns to view herself more than her body. Beauty is more than outer appearance, and it’s time that we banded together to known down the image of perfection in society. So understand that your more than 

Do your thing girl xx

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