How do you define beauty ?

Beauty doesn't have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see.  Your body is your temple, its your home and you must decorate it- Gabourey Sidibe. 

Here's a little something different- few things I wish I heard when I was younger.  

Beauty. At the mention of this word, most girls including myself will run to the closest mirror. Some may go further, running an endless list of insecurities through their mind and just let out an exasperated sigh- Come on we all must have done it at least once in our lifetime but totally isn’t our fault – how can it be when from a young age, we’re all condition to compare ourselves to our pinups or social media gurus-  every corner flashing the words “you aren’t good enough’

Although I do feel the industry is trying to break the ideal image of what “perfect women” is supposed to look like. You and I know it well that magazines, movies and social media outlets are still spoon feeding us....and we all; especially the younger girls struggle to understand the ideal definition of beauty- the long legs, amazing hair, curves in all the right places, the perfect skin, the caked on makeup.  Our poor bank accounts screaming why! 

Despite how hard social media boasts a sparkling image of what every girl should look like or the life they should pursue, many of us just don’t. But still, girls continue to try and fit themselves into this image of “perfection”. And most of the time, it comes with a costly price and as sickening as it sounds our society hears young girls skipping meals. For years, eating disorders have plagues women who just want to feel like they are beautiful.

 For many of us the struggle to fit into the mould of perfection goes far beyond the realm of these specific examples. Instead, the pressure to be perfect begins weighing down and consumes every aspect of our lives. We set out to change everything about ourselves from hair to makeup routine and beyond. My question is: why? Why pursue a superficial image that is ultimately is  unattainable? Why conform to society distorted standards? Why choose to give in and believe that you are just not good enough?

So here comes my answer to the questions as a young girl I've searched the answers for; It is my belief that there is no true definition of beauty. Beauty doesn’t have to be a size 0 girl in your favourite magazine. Totally not limited to girls with long hair and tons of makeup. Come on, there must be more to the word. Beauty is a  strong willed girl who flaunts her imperfections by standing up against her insecurities. Who learns to view herself more than her body. Beauty is more than outer appearance, and it’s time that we banded together to known down the image of perfection in society. So understand that your more than 

Do your thing girl xx



  1. Loved this SO much!

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  2. Loved every word of this post 🙌

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