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I'm a homebody, a lone wolf and enjoy my own company.

Since it is mid November it is perfectly acceptable to stay at home and not want to leave the house, if I say so myself. Whether it is November or not however I'm a homebody all year round, and so I'm definitely on board with this.

Mental Health is Not a Trend

Although I'm aware that Mental Health Week is long gone, it still felt like it an appropriate time to write this post. I wanted to talk about metal health in more of a honest way for a while now, but was always held back.


3 Awkward topics us girls don't like to talk about.

Someone like myself who will discuss and debate any and every topic I had to do a post on few topics on not much talked about topics that us girls have to go through at times. Im sure there are a plethora of them, but for not lets have a little conversation about some main ones that I once or still do feel uncomfortable to talk about. 
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