The Problems with Women

Recently I stumbled upon an article by the daily mail, all about how one women doesn't want another women to succeed. And as someone who persistently never understood the exchange of hate between women, the article totally enthralled me. My favourite line had to be "women see everything as an emotional battlefield". Now I'm not gonna lie I was a little you know- how dare you say that about us women. Were all about championing each other and like our girl Queen B said "who runs the world ...Girl".

Saying that we do live in a society where us girl thrive to be empowered women, and we all crave attention and validation. So every women out there feels compelled to compete with her fellow girlfriend next door. And I do think a little competition is needed at times to power start your drive, however not when you focus is fuelled with jealousy.

So, Mean Girl's is not just a movie; it is a way of life people adopt when they feel like they are better than other people. I do feel like the problems that women have with each other seem as though I am pointing fingers. But I'm simply referring to the problems with all women, not just women other than me.

Okay, so let me put things into perspective for you before reading the rest on my thoughts the believe that there are two type of people in the world; people that are "wise" and the "not so wise" people.

A "wise" person ('m not referring to intelligence or someone with a higher IQ) would never want to follow the exact footsteps of someone else, they take on their failures and disappointments and hold on to the fact that their journey to success is personal to them.  The "wise" person will embrace the journey that is carved for them and not focus on the journey of the girlfriend next door . They understand the success comes to everyone at different times

However the "not so wise person" will attack anyone that might be threat to their "territory" (success). Now, I'm not a specialist or anything but that could be due to their underlying issues that they may not even know are there (and most don't)

So here are few of my problems with "not so wise "women, dissected.

1. She feel more comfortable with (horrible) labels. 
Some of the not so nicest girls that I've come across with would categorise everyone in sight. I guess you know the drill. " That girl thinks she knows it all...and her friend is a bitch"

Note- spouting fumes at someone else takes the focus of you. We all have flaws and make mistakes but bad naming other women is just not needed, so focus less on their negative attributes and more on what they are made off. 

2. She cant handle your happiness. 
The green-eyed monster is real. 

The "not so wise" person will fuel her insecurities with jealous tendencies and not listen to her girlfriend's new promotion she was offered. Or that cute (but deserved) thing her boyfriend did the other day. Or the exam/ assignment she ACED  that you know she's been working hard on.

We all have insecurities, but don't fuel them with fear but only show it love. 

3. She believe's there's safety in number. 
Who want's to be that one girl that goes against the girl with the crowd? no one want to do that, especially in high school and college! It's just much easier to agree- we all might disagree but we  eventually come to agree 

When I was in school. I was the girl who stayed silent when someone commented about another girl that I knew wasn't deserved. it was fine for a while but eventually cliques do want to know your loyal to them especially when they drop "why would you be here if you don't agree with us?" 

But as time went on I  just cant pretend to agree anymore. And decided to cut ties as they were going to keep being horrible anyway. Probably forever! 

so I can say I'm happy as long as I can project my authentic self and stand for what I believe (proud moment guys)

4. She thinks she's always right. 
Women like to make themselves feel better by assuming that their opinions are correct. We all do this. it's a women thing! 

however the "wise" person would  accept that they are  wrong about thing too. Accepting your wrong because you don't know something else about another woman's life. Once you accept this, the labelling will fall away as you accept that everyone believes themselves to be in the "right about everything category" 

A truly wise person will not try to tear you down. So let the world weed them out eventually!

Note- Just starting out as a small blogger and I can happily say that I would never want to follow the exact footsteps of any successful blogger out there. This is my journey that is very personal to my authentic self! 

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Do your thing girl x 



  1. Really Brilliant Post and Definitely Food for Thought :)


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