5 Simple Steps To Create Your Perfect Morning Routine.

my favourite topic of conversation how lame is that right? Maybe so I can  feel organised and productive- well it does work. So I wanted to share some few simple steps I used to create the right morning routine for me. The good news is  you don't even need to be a morning person to have a morning routine. If your not a morning riser (which I totally get) you can use these steps to create a routine for whatever time you wake up- it'll work just as well.

Now lets get straight into it!

Step 1: Set a goal 
From the outset it is really important to know why you want a morning routine. Do you wan to get healthy, feel more productive, be less stressed or take better care of yourself? Whatever the reason is its important that you know it- Don't do it because everyones doing it or its the latest trend

Step 2: Chose your activities. 
With your goal in mind, its time to choose your morning routine activities. I  have listed some for you to pick from. Do keep it simple maybe by choosing 5 at the most.



- Write or say an affirmation

- Do a visualisation     
-practice gratitude 

-Read 10 pages of a book


-Wash your face

-Make your bed

-Do some planning 

-Create and prioritise your to-do list

-Do your most important task for the day 

Step 3: create your plan
Now that you've chosen your morning routine activities. It its the time to put a plan together. You can order the list of activities you have chosen- in the exit order your going to do them. This can always changed in the future if needed. But do make sure your as specific as possible

It's helpful to have this somewhere you'll see it ever morning so you can either write it down with a pen and paper. Make sure your morning routine isn't complicated and doesn't take anymore than an hour from start to finish. 

Step 4: Remove decision making 
Morning routines are the most powerful when they require as little decision making as possible. this is because your decision making ability is like a water web that replenishes every day- the less water you take from the well in the morning, the more you'll have for later. 

This means that if you're on autopilot during your morning routine (in a good way of course), you won't  be all tired and fatigue at the end of the day. Which means you'll find it easier to do all of those things you had planned for  at the end of the day- Whether thats going to the gym after work, skipping desire or reading before bed. Who doesn't want that?!

Have a look over your morning routine and make sure there is no (or very little) decision making required. This means decision-heavy activities like choosing your outfit are the best for the night before. 

Step 5: Do it for 7 days 
Now that you've got your plan, make a committed effort to it for the next 7 days, regardless whether you'll be starting on Monday or not. This is the best way to kickstart the habit. 

My favourite way to plan my morning routine. Do let me know what your favourite things to do in the morning? 



  1. Love this, I think by creating a perfect morning routine just makes the whole of your day better.

    Abigail | chasingmydesire.com

    1. It really can make such a difference to your day :)x

  2. Putting together a plan makes my morning so much easier - getting off to an organised start is the best way to start the day! Xx


    1. I'm really glad that it works for you too :) .. it did take me while to grasp how a good morning routine can make such a difference to my day x

  3. I get up, get dressed (I shower at night), pull my hair back, put on some make up, pack my kids lunches, drink a big glass of water & run out the door to get to work. An hour later when I'm there I have coffee & porridge. 😜👊🏻

    1. Wow! you've differently got your morning routine set ;)x

  4. I've just discovered your blog and have been literally loving every post!! love your style :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS


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