Let's talk: Body Image

Hi, I'm a Size 16.....

I wouldn't say I'm one to cover anything up, I don't tend to keep any secrets, but I just didn't think telling people my measurement was huge deal and really, it isn't. But thinking about the weird looks I get when I blab about my size, I could sort of understand people motives. I'm a girl who likes to eat and likes to dress nice, but oh no honey I'm not 5'9, I dont have thigh gaps and most of the time I prefer to keep my body covered up- so no beachy bikini shoots here. I don't perceive myself as plus size. I like to think I sit somewhere in the middle. Average. And d'ya know what? I'm so fine with that. 

You probably would not understand how long of a journey it has been for me to say that I'm fine with my body and actually id even say I'm happy with it. I've spend most of 2017 scrolling through Instagram and looking for feeds where I resonated with different people body's. I didn't want to believe I had an odd body shape and searched for any confirmation that I fit into the normal weight and jean size category. 

I measure up 5'8", weigh 12 stones and wear UK size 14/16 OR L in clothing. That might seem like personal information to be sharing on the internet, but it isn't a big deal to me. I don't fret when I look at the scales anymore, and don't cry when I'm naked in front of a mirror- I am who I am, my looks belong to moi and those stats don't define who I am - I don't live with regret. If by sharing those stats inspired just one girl out there who realises she's not defined by her stats too, then I'm satisfied. 

It is a courages act to be believe that your weight does not label who you are. 

All The Burgers.....
I dont want to sound like I'm making a sad song and dancing about nothing- I know I look perfectly healthy and happy , and some people even think I have been blessed with a pair of pins that keep me looking slender. But there is just no way on this earth that a girl who eats many burgers doesn't have a belly-to-hide (HELL-OOO SMOCK DRESSES)

Now, I'm not condoning an unhealthy lifestyle, I know that being generally jolly and positive doesn't mean that multiple waffle/ burgers/pancakes per week don't have an effect on me, but rather than concentrating on losing weight or toning up because I want to resemble my favourite instagrammer or blogger, id rather focus on my own well-being and not my ego (short lived happines). Your given one body and your stuck in it, so striking the balance between loving what you've got and looking after it is very essential to me .  
 I can't say the burgers will be going anywhere-, no guilt! cause they make me happy, but a change in my diet and exercise regime is essential if I want to stay healthy. If I lose weight in the process, thats cool! Of course I'd like to feel like I can wear absolutely anything over a flat stomach, but at the same time I'd also quite like to have enough money to buy a house, or enough time and space for my family and friends and do thing I actually enjoy doing..the list goes on of course. They're bigger goals id like to work towards rather than waste my time obsessing over my weight and whats my next meal plan. I'm more optimistic enough to think one day I'll tick off my bigger goals which will bring me long term happiness. 

Whether you're a 4 or 34 you've all got so much more going for you than your clothing size. I know reading blogs and online articles can sometimes make that hard to believe, when the word perfect body is thrown like crazy. Yes, there have been times where I've turned up at an event, gathering of some sort and there always has to be one leggiest-model-esqua gyal, and girl did I at the time feel like a total fat hobbit. However looking back on those situations now, I can only beam with pride that I experienced those moments even if those were low times for me, those moments has led me to believe that everyone is still beaming with beauty despite their size or shape. 

You're all so beautiful. Stats do not label who you are- remember that. 

Do your thing girl x


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