Hey there, Lonely girl..

I'm an introvert. And if your introverted or know someone who is an introvert then you'll know the contentment which comes from being alone. Whether thats staying at home watching movies all day in the comfort of your own quiet space, going to coffee shops solo and just enjoy the world go. by, or simply just treating yourself to some shopping but again solo- wandering around lost in your deep thoughts.

But us as introverts merely enjoy our own company actually we see it as a necessity to spend time alone to recharge our battery- for that fact it is actually said that all of us need to recharge at least once a week- but for us the recharging is an alone process  where we can truly be ourselves and only focus on us without the anxiety and stress of what others think of us- give me an amen sisters!! So for me, being alone is a state of mind 

However with that being said, as an introvert there are times that I do feel really alone like all any other human despite how sociable you are, but more so when PMSing lol. And the heavy stigma of loneliness associated with mental health doesn't help- don't these "researchers' understand in todays modern age social media and technology have become a substitute for any human contact, despite humans being described as natural social creatures. Our loneliness is masked by a digital antidote. So I do believe that being alone does not necessarily mean that your an introvert, a sad person or more likely to develop a mental health issue, 

 Anyway rant over- lets go back to me having a  lonely summer and having learned to tell myself  "you know what? its okay, its okay to feel a little sad when your alone just let it out and simply embrace being alone", Thats the key ladies and gentleman so instead of me suggesting to get a pet (p.s I love my cat) or ways to keep your mind and self occupied which are good tips btw I'd simply advice you to embrace your loneliness. embrace the times your alone in your room just having no one to talk to or maybe don't want to bother any of your friend on their night out- just sit there and embrace !! And believe that were meant to be alone for a reason. 

 loneliness was my greatest teacher it taught how to be patient, how to endure. It allowed me to develop coping mechanism in this so crazy world, and ways to challenge my own insecurities by teaching me to stick to myself and accept self-love. But the main thing loneliness showed me was how to hold my own hand, despite how cringe that sounds   

To be honest if you look closely, loneliness is you. 

There you go something I just wanted to share with you all, make you understand that the negative stigmas associated with loneliness don't have to be true all the time. What has loneliness taught you? p.s autumn is round the corner who's excited !!!??

Do your thing girl xx


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