What Does Body Positivity Mean To You?

With the latest craze last week on Twitter about an upcoming new book titled Body Positive, the book written by British Television personality Louise Thompson (a thin women) includes 15 minutes home workout and the recipes she swears by to keep her feeling energised, according to the publishing site The bookseller. It's being billed as a "recipe and fitness book". However social media users did not mince words when it came to the title.

The argument here is not that Thompson shouldn't love her body- of course everyone should love their body regardless of whether it falls into the category of what society deems as beautiful. The issue is, associating the pursuit of filter more conventionally attractive body with a movement that has fought against the idea that one must alter their body at all

And so, Thomson and her diet book the fair target for our anger and disappointment about the appropriation of body positivity? honestly Probably not

In favour of the body positivity movement, inspiring men and women supporting healthy body image are living lives with brimming self-love. And I one for one am still empowered by individuals who are seeking out and educating others about "health at every size" (because yes, you can be healthy at any weight). We can thank the body positive movement for creating a self-loving, self-confident vibe among young women and men today.

However, I will have to admit the impact and meaning of the term body positivity lost its meaning for me a long time ago by the hands of corporations and social media. Social media has send out very mixed messaged about what body positivity is and who body positivity idigenous to. In an ideal world, we would see diversity on the body positive movement. People of all weights, sizes, genders, ethnicities and builds would be talking the body positive talk. on social media, however the images paired with (hashtag) body positive are not really bodies from all the spectrum.

Body-positive paired mainly with either pictures of large bodied individuals or thin bodied individuals, with less presentation of those who reside somewhere in between (Majority of society)

Body positive posts tends to portray pictures of people who have the body size and shape that society currently deems as ideal. It is no secret that thin bodies are still idolised, regardless thin privilege still exists. And when we only seen thin bodies when we search for body positivity, we can still feel ostracised or insecure in our own bodies, especially if our bodies do not match what society deems as beautiful. We might to begin to believe that body positivity is only for thin people, and not for larger bodies. Or that body positivity is only for individuals in larger bodies, because these are individuals who are changing beauty standards. Essentially, at times it feels like we have to have a certain type of body, or obtain a certain type of body, in order to feel worthy, which as you may have guessed, goes completely against the whole point of body positivity. So please remember: the vision of the body positive movement is to shed light on authenticity, and to give power to authenticity rather than perfection.

Likewise,  the trending #BodyPostivity  pictures of girls in their bikinis or sports bra with captions emphasising embracing rolls or embracing the pudge? Although there is nothing inherently wrong with is, in fact I think its very empowering that pictures of stomachs, of rolls, curves, flat abs and soft skin is plastered all over Instagram. But what about those who are struggling with body positivity, its easy to believe that body positivity has to be associated with the extreme, or that body positivity requires you to pinch your stomach rolls and post a picture for others to see. These images can make you believe that to be body positive your stomach has to fall somewhere outside of the stereotypical beauty standards of an" ideal" stomach (flat stomach), or that your stomach has to look certain way for you to be allowed to post a photo of it.

NewsFlash: Your stomach is already perfect just as it is. Its uniquely yours and because of this, its beautiful. There no qualifications for feeling comfortable in your body. Come as you are, and start by opening up the doors to body acceptance. 

Body positivity, leads us to believe sometimes that to be body positive we have to love our bodies 100% of the time ( a defeat none of will ever conquer). THIS IS NOT TRUE. Body positivity doesn't mean loving, or even liking, your body every single day. it doesn't mean you will consistently wake up, day after day,  feeling completely confident in how you look. It doesn't mean you are always going to feel hot in your jeans , or that all of your dresses hug your curves exactly right. You may still have bad body image days. And realistically, you probably will have bad body image days. You may not feel comfortable in your jeans everyday. You may worry hat your new sweaters make your stomach blotted or that your new dress makes you look wide. Here's the thing: its okay not to always be 100% in love with your body. It's okay to even feel uncomfortable in your body. Everyone feels this way sometimes. But the important part about body positivity is accepting that you feel uncomfortable, and being gentle with this realisation.

So what does body positivity mean to me....

"Body positivity entails to retrain your brain to believe that all bodies are worthy of acceptance and praise, and that all bodies are of equal value. being body positive is not just about your weight, It's about accepting all aspects of your body (your body hair, your acne, your cellulite and your freckles) no matter what society deems as acceptable and/or beautiful."

Body positive should embrace the understanding that we all deserve to live in our bodies without having to fear rejection or prejudice from other people. We all deserve to live our lives in the ways that help us to feel the happiest and healthiest. Remember that healthy nor beauty equate to thinness. it time of us all to start breaking down the pre-conceived beliefs and barriers.

What does body positivity mean to you?

Do Your thing girl x 



  1. To me body positivity has to relate to any shape or form. Feeling great in your skin regardless of the unrealistic standards set by society. Its unfair to deam body positivity as having a fit body as it has nothing to do with positivity but rather fitness. I love how society has been accepting of curves though rather than being overly thin. Such a great post. Thank you for such a stimulating article.

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  3. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ I loved reading this. To me, body positivity is throwing out the social norm because it constantly changes. People always idolize Marilyn Monroe but they always like to forget that she was a size 16. Now it's subtly pushed on women to be skinny. For me, body positivity is accepting who you are for what you are and not trying to our yourself in a mold.

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  6. I think you've nailed the meaning of the movement.



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