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Hello ma lovelies ! So, it's Easter break and like many other students I’m dreading upcoming exams and deadlines too. However, over the years from GCSE revision struggles to late night at the university library I've gathered revision techniques that might be of some help to some of you. 

A little disclaimer- I’m no expert and the revision techniques I’ve outlined below are just what seems to work for me and may not be guaranteed to work for everyone- but do sit back, oh and go make yourself a glass/cuppa of anything and hope you enjoy.

      1. A revision timetable or to-do-list:  Plan, Plan and Plan !!! I cannot put enough emphasis how important planning works for me. but just to clarify not week planning that just freaks me out when I realise how busy my week looks with my normal schedule plus revision… So taking it a day at a time is what works for me. I usually write up a realistic to do list in my dairy prior to me having done anything in the morning along with the timings so I could try to balance my time between each topic- but not a strict time schedule as some topics can be harder for me to grasp. 

2. Tidy space: Usually spend 10 mins tidying and sorting all my revision notes and books that I need, before I sit at my desk thats of course if I decide to get work done at home, I am from a big family and sometimes revising at home is just not an option especially when noise from the kitchen echoes through to my walls and door.  So little cute coffee shops or the city library usually do just fine as long as I find good space thats tidy and of course with no distractions. 

      3. Minimise distractions:I for one can easily get distracted, yep I do catch myself just staring at the walls at times and how I find that fascinating is just beyond me - thats procrastination for you. Finding a space with minimal distracting features and putting my phone and iPad on aeroplane mode is reasonable. Oh and also I do tend study/ revise alone - but do know that revising in groups can be amazing revision aid for others.  

4.  Incorporate rewards: Looking forward to something later in the evening is something that keeps me motivated, I therefore incorporate rewards such as cinema trips with friends/family or even just nipping to the shops to buy treats to indulge on whilst watching my favourite TV shows- can never go wrong there!

5. Practice Practice and Practice! - Seeking out previous past papers is an  important revision techniques and one of my favourites. To simply familiarise myself with the style of questions asked, its amazing for planning and when it comes to practicing the types of answer needed. At university if previous past papers are not available, answered questions in seminars or tutorials are of great aid for me too. 

6. Don't be too hard on yourself: Usually starting revision early is advised, but whats early ey ? so I usually hope that effective time planning and hard work will get me through. I try not to be too hard on myself by making sure I take regular breaks, reward myself and monitoring my daily progress. Little compliments and self send messages help too- So it's exploring and finding what techniques are compatible with your learning style. 

   So, thats it from me I hope these tips will be of some sort of help. Revision can be a big commitment but with efficient planning and regular breaks time should fly. So go reap your rewards, and if you have any further questions just shoot me a question in the comment or contact me directly using the "lets talk' section. Good Luck !!

           Do your thing girl xx


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