I have been told by many that I'm in the "don't talk to me until I have morning coffee or else I might hurt you" category, even when I was a school/ college I was the grumpy kid who just couldn't wait to go home after a long day of school and sneak in a little nap.

But I like to think that the tables have turned now since and so here I am to share few of my tips that recently have kept me energised, and yes literally all day long.

Keep that drink down (stay hydrated):
Probably seems like a no-brainer, but you'd be so surprised at how many of us walk around very dehydrated. Dehydration is what usually causes the tiredness, sleepiness and even dizziness. So make sure to have a huge glass of water throughout the day  (they say 8- but you probably already know this), especially in the morning. When you wake up your body just went through hours without water, so a glass of water in the morning will sure replenish your fluids

Tip: Drinking water on an empty stomach first in the morning can get your digestive system going and therefore will energise your body. Making sure I stack my fridge or kitchen cupboards with a stack of water bottles is a perfect little pick me up without the jitters.

Set Goals: 
I think setting mini goals or writing out a to do list can be one of the best ways to mange your energy more effectively. The act of deciding what you want, motivating yourself to achieve it is a great way to boost your energy in the morning.

 Fresh Air: 
Now I can say go for a run in the morning, but that I struggle with myself so instead I'll say go for a walk even if its for 10 minutes and nope it doesn't have to be in the morning it can be during your lunch break instead of catching up with social media. Fresh air can do you so much wonders for when you feel tired and sluggish.

Note- If you really cannot leave your office/work/school for a midday stretch then crack a window open, let that cool breeze in and take a few deep breaths in.

Inject your day with optimism: 
We live in a very negative world. The negativity around the world when reading the news or having a conversation with most people can lead to feeling fearful and negative and that could just drain the energy you've been preserving all day. Not to say that negativity is always bad thing but can be absolutely draining. Only someone with incredibly high energy reserves can take negativity

Positivity creates energy. Devoting a certain proportion of your day to get yourself excited, enthusiastic and optimistic can give you huge energy boost. Maybe some sticky notes with positive affirmations on your lunch box.

The power of chocolate: 
Yes, ya heard me. Have some chocolate. When I'm a little tired or sluggish I like to reach for some chocolate, since we all know it can give us a little bit of a sugar rush. Now my fellow "I have a healthy lifestyle" friends would be like hmmm??? but here is where I say "have some dark chocolate"

Note- Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate its a great energy and mood boosting supplement (or at least to call it that). Also not to sound nerdy but dark chocolate has antioxidant properties which control your blood pressure. So instead of maybe reaching for the M&M that you have laying around somewhere in your desk or bag (we all keep in an emergency stash somewhere) have a piece of dark chocolate.

Have lighter meals:
forget about the egg and cheese everything bagel. The heavier of a breakfast you have the more tired that you'll find yourself during the day. Eating smaller lighter meals throughout the day can provide your body with a constant supply of nutrients and lessens the incredible high energy drain that usually happens when you have a fuller meal.

Check yourself: 
You might be doing a lot of the drinking plenty of water throughout the day and maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle but still very tired? Then it could maybe due to your low Iron levels or Vitamin D, which was true in my case for a while. So make sure to get a regular blood test

Say goodnight to the digital world: 
we all  know that as far as TV and electronics go its a no no before bed, saying that I still do catch myself browsing ASOS and next thing you know its almost 2 am and I've watched half season of The Big Bang Theory and still don't feel sleepy. Its because browsing on the internet or watching TV before bed doesn't allow your brain to make the connection that bed equals sleep. So next morning I'm up looking like a  dead zombie, not a great feeling!

How do you keep yourself energised on a busy day?

Do your thing girl 


  1. I try to do these everyday and they always help! Especially cutting down time on my phone or internet in general!

    1. I'm glad they're off help.. it took me a while to realise the importance of no phone or internet before bed :)x

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