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Sometimes, I wake up with a crazy urge to write things down and usually run to pick up my journal. I do believe there is something magical about the ability of expressing myself through writing. Writing about my feeling has always been one of my passions, do think it comes natural with my character but only when I take a pen or book, it is harder for me to express my feelings when I talk about it.

However, this time wanted to express how I feel on my blog today since I do believe it might be relevant plus do refer to it as my online journal.

so how have I been feeling- well all over the place kinda, been trying to juggle uni exams, revision and trying to create blogging content. But also have been doing quite some reflection over the past couple of weeks- I think I can say that starting out to create blogging content and getting noticed is somewhat hard, well me for me anyways. so have been doing that thing we do when we feel a bit lost and rethink our whole life and goals.

I do possibly think that the main issue at hand with my blog is trying to find my niche and relatable topic I could discuss on here- the type of content I would like to create and what label my blog falls under. Initially created a  blog with the idea to document my self discovery journey and refer to the blog to my as my online journal.. then fall in love with the idea of using my blog to maybe review my favourite lipstick or the best beauty product and redirect my blog into a beauty blog...then realised thats just not me and feel like there other amazing Beauty bloggers who are already doing a fantastic job out of that.

I want to talk about real sh*t that  effects us ..topics (such as loving yourself, self-esteem and confidence) that are not discussed in the media or not given much support in the blogging world, and expected to learn or develop without it being taught to us. I personally think being a girl of any race, background or size who is trying to make something of herself is a hard job and that comes with struggles and let downs, and I so want to passionately talk about, maybe we could create an open forum so we can all discuss issues where learn and inspire one another one.

Now that's my bit- let me know below topics you'd like me to create content around, what's on your mind?
Do your thing girl xx


  1. I also wright a lot in my journaul. Specially when life is on the downside and I need a place to just put everything and get it out of my system. It's very useful for me :) Glad it works for you to!

    1. aww..I know that my journal can be my best friend at times, and its about finding the right outlet to get things out of your system :) xx

  2. I love writing down my thoughts, I always feel as though it clears my head x

    1. It surely does clear my head too, and that can just be the best thing ever at times :p xx


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