Why compare ?

As someone wise told me once: “It doesn’t matter how many people are on your side cheering you on. If you can’t get on your own side, you can't get past, go”


Lemon drizzle

 Simple and Delicious. 
So here’s the thing I wanted to bake, photograph and of course eat (everything) so what better way to document this on my blog. My love for food is insane in a good way, of course, I mean what can I say I’m a girl with taste lol .This classic cake recipe is full of citrus flavour and glazed with crunchy lemon icing, perfect for baking capabilities for beginners like myself. It will take approximately 55 min to prepare and bake and serve up to 8-10 people (oh trust me I know).


Social Pressure

Why do we have to answer to social pressures ?

Hello my darlings, on this post I wanted to give an insight on an issue that is highly affected by many of us including me. 

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