How to deal with running into an ex

Oh, the joys off running into an ex. have been there before (what a small word). Whether things ended on a good note or as a complete disaster. It's pretty damn akwaaaaard- there's just no way around that, sadly.

It's also a time where usually wish you handled the situation different. You know those "I wish I said that differently or didn't say that at all". Yep I totally get it. So what better way to share 8 tips with you that might help you handle things when you run into EX like a total boss and cool as a cucumber.

1. Avoid going in for a big bear hug. 
Try to avoid physical contact. A kiss on the cheek can be too intimate and so is a hug. Now whether the relationship ended on a good or bad note you will get the urge to go in for that hug. That said, your obviously not going to shake their hand like it's a job interview. Just a smile and a nod instead will do just fine. Acknowledge their presence without the possibility of a bro hug or an awkward pat on the back. 

2. It's okay to admit that running into each other is next-level awkward. 
Maybe lighten up the moment by saying something that acknowledges the awkwardness of the situation. Go ahead and say "Well this awkward" or maybe a joke could help. Taking this approach could take the edge off you so you can engage in a lighthearted-but brief!-kinda conversation.

3. Dont brag about how great your life is now. 
Be humble! Don't Brag!  Even if you ex was a total d*ck, you'll likely feel better about yourself if you brag about "your amazing life". Smile and be kind if they hurt you badly and you want to fake it, thats the time to ignore the person and move on- literately and figuratively.

5. And definitely don't overdo it or lie when you ex asks what you've been up to post-split. 
It's okay to be tempted to talk about how utter fabulous your life is now, but whatever you do, don't lie about it. You'll probably look flustered, nervous and out of sorts. Dont forget that you ex knows you well so he or she will probably be able to tell that something is amiss

6. Stay in the present. 
Don't bring up the past. Don't engage in emotionally charged conversation or find ways to subtly insinuate blame for things that happened while you were together. Instead, stay focused on the positive things that are happening in your life now.

7. Watch the flirting
All ex's have something in common: theirs chemistry. But unless you want to leave the run-in with thoughts of possibly getting back together, limit the flirting. It might feel natural. But it'll likely make things even more confusing. Attempt treating them like you would any other acquittance

8. And lastly, end the conversation before things get too weird.
For a set period of time most ex's are kind to each-other and so the conversation will probably go smooth. But once the whole catching up thing is done. You should get out while everything is good. You might start to feel some weirdness creep into the conversation or find yourself scrambled for topics, that's the perfect time to say "well, it was great to see" and make that clean exit fast.

It could be such a nightmare running into your ex right? especially if you just gotten past the Netflix and 'cry while in the most horrific looking sweatpants' stage .Hope the tips come to help or give you some insight :p

Have you had awkward run-ins with you ex's?
How did you handle it?

Do your thing girl x 



  1. I worked with my ex for a couple of years after we broke up (we didn't date very long) but I always felt awkward around him. I guess you just have to be mature about it and don't let any arguments come surfacing back again, and try and keep interaction to a minimum!

    1. Keep at it girl! Your literally amazing for being so mature despite your history with this person even if you wasn't with him for long, I understand that it can just put you in an awkward place :)x

  2. Great post and tips! Nothing worse than an awkward situation!

    Shona Marie xo


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