8 Things You MUST Do This Autumn

So I know its not officially autumn yet, but I can say that I do feel personally victimised by Englands ever changing weather right now. The past couple weeks the weather is just not agreeing with its season status.

 Literally going from wind to rain, to storm, to ever so cold sunny days. Who knows what to wear anymore, do I take an umbrella ? (well thats a must if you live in the uk-even if it means shoving everything else in your pockets just to make space for your umbrella in your not so big side bag) and are jumpers even acceptable to wear now ? So I do think that I have come to terms with autumn greeting us all a little early. The earlier the better right? Your girl is so ready for that 'cosy vibe' I'm heading straight for the chunky knitwear and thicker tights.

So here I have listed 8 things that you MUST do this autumn. And no this isn't carve a pumpkin and dress like your favourite character this Halloween type of list. Just some suggestions that I know i'll personally be setting out to do. Let's ensure that we enjoy this autumn to the fullest, despite how crazy our schedules might get.

1. Shop...Shop....Shop
Everyone's gotta love this one. For all my knitwear lovers out there you have the perfect excuse to wear anything knitted and oversized. Just cosy and warm. I know autumnal coloured knitted jumpers will be on top of my list, and throw the knitted socks in there too that will be visible under my ankle boots. Im so ready to crush my bank account. 

2. Long Bubble baths 
The nights are creeping on us, what better than than getting in bath early evening to soak away all the worries from the day? Nope nothing. I sure will be filling my tub up with the right bath bombs and just lounge about. Since I'm really about self care, I will be adding couple of drops of essential oils like lavender or peppermint and drift easily after a long day when it comes to bedtime.

3. Try an "Autumnal" COFEE
Yep- I'm talking about those 'pumpkin spiced drinks'. I've never tried one, or any of their autumn range drinks. I have tried some of the Christmas drinks (drooling AF right now). I do wonder if actually taste like pumpkin? I guess I'll be finding that out soon for myself.

4. Autumn walks 
I love autumn walks, theres just something so peaceful when you hear the crushes of leaved under your shoe, kinda feels magical but I am bored of walking around the same parks or places. So will try google-ing local walking spots in Birmingham. If you have any suggestions please let me know?

5. Autumnal photoshoot
In all honestly, I'm not one for camera, snapchat and anything that involves shoving a camera to my face. I somehow just get awkward and shy away. All my friends so know this and kinda find it bizarre but it is what is right. However I do find beauty in coloured leaves and (hopefully) crispy foggy morning skies will give us some stunning photographs. I'll be sure to share them all with you all. 

6. Cosy TV-watching. 
Did anyone say getting dark at 3.30 pm on Sunday? It's time to get your favourite hot drink out for me it will be some home made hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows, get into your cosy PJ'S  and flick Netflix on. My favourite thing to watch when its all gloomy or dark outside is The Big Bang Theory just the most cosiest and hilarious tv show ever. So my lovelies, chose an easy going film and snuggle with your fav person- I know I'll be cuddling up to my pillows. 

7. Candles 
for all my candle lover, its candle season !! So get those candles burning people it takes the cosiness to 100 levels more. One thing I'll be adding to my Christmas wish list this year is for Bath and Body works to start selling in the uk. But for now I guess Yankee candles will suffice !

8.  Get that Baking going 
God I love baking !!! Maybe its the sweet-tooth in me but anything whipped up with some butter and sugar can't go wrong can it? all those recipe's on Pinterest, I know I'll be trying some out. What your favourite Autumn recipe?

There we have it another post by moi. Have you got any autumn MUST that I've  forget about? Let me know so can try them out this year too. 

Do your thing girl x



  1. My fave autumnal or Christmas drink is the Black Forest Hot Choc from Costa! It's unreal!

    1. I've heard so much about Costa's Autumnal and Christmas drinks. Will have to try the Black Forest Hot Choc and the rest out :)x


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