I'm a homebody, a lone wolf and enjoy my own company.

Since it is mid November it is perfectly acceptable to stay at home and not want to leave the house, if I say so myself. Whether it is November or not however I'm a homebody all year round, and so I'm definitely on board with this.

As a young girl I loved my own comfort at home, nothing makes me happy then being snuggled up with my snack bowl and have a good TV show on. Literally nothing does. Saying all that however being a homebody, lone wolf or someone who solely enjoys their own company is at times perceived as little odd, boring or weird. So here is my defence of being a homebody and lone wolf. 

Who says home is boring again...
It is to easy to believe that staying at home is boring and your either doing house work our lazing around in your pjs in front of the TV. I mean I don't know what your staying at homes involves, but mine doesn't not result in me being bored to death. Some of my favourite things to do at home are;
  • Read a good old book
  • Netflix with my snack bowl 
  • Play around with some beauty products 
  • Bake
  • Read my favourite blog
  • Dance to my favourite playlist 
  • work on my University assignments

Being a lone wolf does not mean your weird.
I must say in the past there has been times where I have felt a sense of pity for people on their own, but maybe thats because I've been conditioned to believe that loneliness is associated with sadness and there is no good reason why a person could be alone. However, over the past couple of years I've come to understand the importance of embracing your loneliness and how hanging out with yourself can be good for your own well being, I know being a lone wolf has encouraged me to become more comfortable with spending time with myself.  

Being alone does not mean your always lonely.
Spending time with yourself does not necessarily mean you dislike a good company. Very often I do go out and hangout with my friends and family, book train trips to cool and historical places in rainy England and so do many other people who enjoy going out and pattering around doing their own thing. So even though there is a stigma around being a lone wolf, that does not necessarily mean we don't go out and have little fun with other people other then ourselves. 

Being alone is the way some of people thrive. 
It took me a whole to understand that everyone has a different way to thrive. For me I'm a true introvert and when surrounded by a crowd I find myself becoming absolutely exhausted. Growing up as a introvert wasn't much discussed and if anything it was considered a bit weird if you didn't have huge group of friends. I like to think I function much better when I get the space to be myself and so its something I surely implement in my daily routine. Feeling mentally and physically drained when forcing myself to be around people does not do them or me anygood. We all have different ways to boost our energy to get through our daily lives, and yeah I don't equally comprehend how some thrive in a busy noisy environment just the way they dont comprehend my way of thriving and that's okay if they or I don't. 

Being a homebody is a way to save. 
One of the main reasons that pushed me to become a homebody was simply not having enough money to go out, spend loads on food or experiences. Being a student doesn't leave me with a tonne of money and if it does it just ends up with me saving for that one foundation or shoes so for me being a homebody is a bonus. I know that with the colder months more is spend on heating and electricity but I guess it cheaper than a meal out. I still do see my friends and have good time with them and mostly yeah it does involve us staying in. 

Being a lone wolf teaches you to have good relationship with yourself; the most important one you will ever have. 
It is not until recently that I've noticed people advocating for learning to have that positive relationship with yourself. Growing up that was not something I thought much off let alone consider it. People will come and go and so will the relationship you have built with them, but the relationship you have built with yourself will always be around. Honestly I do believe  it does take some time to build happy and healthy relationship with yourself, and it no it doesn't happen overnight but I promise it is one of the best things that will work out for you. You don't have to believe your the best human out there by any means but you can always appreciate and love yourself a little more everyday.  

Are you a homebody or a lonewolf ? if so hit me up int the comment section below. 

Do your thing girl x



  1. I’m definitely a hermit!
    I love being on my own indoors. I’d choose it over going out any day!!


  2. A little bit of both I believe. However I'm 99% on the go and an always surrounded by people. I love to make people laugh and don't really feel uncomfortable in crowd situations...unless it's really crowded then my anxiety might flair up for different reasons. However. I do long for time alone. Like right now, I'm alone. No work, no people, no husband. It's nice but I'm panicking because I feel like I need to be doing something. Very rarely do I get nothing time and in those moments I think I need to fill them up with everything. ((Deep breath)) I'll figure it out one day, my husband always tells me I don't have to do anything in my days off, just chill. We'll see. Haha ;)

    1. awww bless you..I must agree with your husband there, do take some alone time off during your off days :)xx

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