10 things that will happen when you stop being a girl and become a women.

They say I've changed because ...

1. I empower women instead of tearing them down. 
There is nothing to gain from speaking unkindly about another women, apart from harbouring negative energy which will only end up bringing you down in the long run. it feels so much better when were cheering each other on, and genuinely happy when one another succeed,

**Yes, you might wish you have what she/he does, but understand that your path is caved for you and success and abundance comes to everyone however just at different times. So support other women and in turn you'll be supported too

2. I set high expectations for myself. 
There are times when you think you're already asking for far too much, but you won't fear setting the bar higher or two.

You'll come to understand that "you" is always important to keep challenging and pushing from your previous accomplishments because you know that's how you'll grow. You'll expect the best from yourself in everything you despite how trivial the task may seem. You won't fear to walk away from  disappointing situations and people who consistently disappoint you. Because you'll know that anyone who is  genuine in your life will only strive to do their very best to not let you down.

3. I only agree with positive vibes. 
You will start to realise that you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely. Accept that your evolving and won't need to stay with friends with someone of loyalty because you've been friends since forever. Its okay to grow and move on.

You'll spend your precious time with people who inspire you, people you learn from and people who continually challenge you to be best version of yourself you can possibly be.

4. I don't fear my voice. 
There's a notion that us girls often learn to be the quieter ones. We come to understand that being loud is commonly viewed as rude and un-ladylike, so we stifle ourselves. But you'll realise the difference between being obnoxious and being assertive. You'll learn to use those strong vocal chords and that powerful mind you've been blessed with. Stand up for yourself because you know there's no guarantee that anybody else will. Even when your terrified!

5.  I accept to LEARN to love yourself before looking for a relationships. 
You'll realise that you don't need to be in a relationship in order to feel loved and fulfilled. You will spend all the time you need in your own company, getting to know and accept all your quirks, and what fulfils your souls. Because you know when you fall in love with yourself completely, every other part of your life will fall into place.

6. You'll take complete responsibility for your life. 
The day you realise you are the creator of your destiny, that's the day you finally feel totally free. You'll accept your past and see it as a blessing whether it was tragic or harrowing. You are your heroic self.

7. You'll do what is right, even when its hard. 
Most things in life won't be easy , but you'll stand strong and soldier through adversity. Even when your panic mode and your kneed shake, your voice quivers and your heart is thumping right out of your chest, you'll know you have a choice. A choice to stay true to yourself and what you believe despite how painful at times.

8. I am my priority. 
As a girl you often guilty of putting everyone else's needs and happiness before your own, simply because a strong maternal instinct was ingrained and nurtured with you from a young age.

But guess what? You realise. YOU mater. YOU are important too.

**So be sure to carve out some time for yourself each day- whether its as little as 10 minutes or as indulgent as couple of hours, and nourish your mind, body and soul with that they crave.

9. I'm honest with my feelings. 
You'll learn that you don't ever need to apologise for, or feel embarrassed by your feelings. They are unique to you and they do make who you are.  You'll accept that life is too short to hide away under the covers out of fear of getting hurt. The truth might be risky and it might not guarantee your desired outcome but it will always allow your heart to be at peace

10. And I believe in myself. Always!
despite all the voices, all the self doubt you have you will accept each negative our doubting thought and convert it with positive and motivational thought. You'll remember that nobody in this world has ever succeeded without first believing that they could.

So no honey I've not changed I'm just becoming a women.

Do your thing girl xx



  1. I love the way you think. I am a great believer of empowering one another. You are a lovely girl and how you think xxx


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