3 Awkward topics us girls don't like to talk about.

Someone like myself who will discuss and debate any and every topic I had to do a post on few topics on not much talked about topics that us girls have to go through at times. Im sure there are a plethora of them, but for not lets have a little conversation about some main ones that I once or still do feel uncomfortable to talk about. 
Intimate Health.
Intimate health is probably the most difficult subject to tackle and there is some confusion around the topic. Im sure like most of us out there had thrush numerous times in your life  you maybe get confused  with the difference between thrush and Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is the presence of certain bacteria which leads to an unbalanced pH level in the vagina. 

What does this mean? Well typically our vaginas is pH balanced to prevent any bacterial growth as well as to maintain a good level of bacteria called lactobacillus. When the pH level becomes less acidic it can often lead to BV. The symptoms of BV include an unpleasant odour, watery discharge and greyish looking discharge. The easiest way to cause this is overwashing, using performed soaps and shower gels, taking antibiotics and sex.  I know for myself I didn't understand the difference between BV and thrush and have always just presumed I've had thrush; probably not treated it properly which can be so dangerous. Taking care of your intimate health is important, I'm sure its something we all know. But it can be tough area to navigate 

Oh periods, the bane of my life.. these joyous things could probably warrant an entire post of their own. Throughout my life, I've encountered so many young girls and women who struggle so much with their menstrual cycles. When growing up the period talk has not been a popular topic in my family and the conversation always turned awkward. Periods alone can being physically uncomfortable let alone the mental drainage of wondering is this normal? like why does my period look like this? Is this type of flow okay? And am I meant to feel this unwell and have such serious brain fog? We all do experience different things hen it comes to our menstrual cycle; simply no body is the same so whilst some people might not like to discuss them there certainly needs to be a more open conversation and break down the stigma away from loneliness and dealing with difficult period. 

The media and the pressure from society doesn't help anybody when it comes to boobs confidence. I think people misunderstand that like our body our boobs can come in all shape and sized and so we all have different pairs. There is no right or normal size to have and there is so much different things that go into the way that our boobs can look. Some are big, small but most importantly thing is we all feel comfortable with them and know they're healthy. Yeah ignore that girl you see baring all on tv or in an advert, yeah they seem like the most perfect boobs . But your forgetting that its enhanced in some way. I'm so embracing my pair. 

What awkward topics you wish girls discussed more?

Do your thing girl x


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