Favourite Spring/Summer Fragrances

So summer is upon us and spring is here, can we all just take a moment to say bye to all those dark gloomy winter evenings...and hello to green leaves, wasp attacks, and of course all those cool iced latte drinks. My favourite thing about spring and summer is all floral scents you smell when you walk past people. So of course took the time out to write up on my top four favourites summer scents that I know I'll be constantly sniffing. 

I am currently obsessed with this scent, actually think I could sniff my wrist all day long when I spray on it. It's a signature scent with fresh, feminine and totally spring like fragrance- does that even make sense but anyway the sense is perfectly chic. Just totally in love y'all. 

A signature scent of Jasmine and Rose with a strong personality but yet again very fresh with a hint of vibrant orange. The inspiration draws from the personalty of Gabrielle Chanel, and the fragrance is the reflection of an independent think who breaks the rules to create her own. The portrait of a women ready to daringly write her own destiny. That ladies and gentlemen is why its in my top three- and how I amazingly cool I feel when I wear it of course (Probably why its almost empty ha!). Its about the confidence girls! I think so anyway.  

Absolutely love spraying this fragrances Fresh Hair Mist, just when the wind hit and your like OMG that floral soft touch smell, and that why I make sure it never leaves my handbag-and just compatible with any styling and colouring products and therefore I for one use it at any time of the day. 

A french expression of life is beautiful. The choice to live one's life and fill it with beauty- how cool does that sound oh and incarnated by Julia Roberts. Let's just say its a very unique signature perfume scent with precious ingredients and I religiously wear all year round.... So of course had to add to my top fourfavourite spring/summer fragrance scents. Don't think I can ever get over this perfume.. just need to restock every year during the winter sales.  

Whats your favourite spring/summer fragrance scents ?

Do your thing girl xx


  1. this is also my favourite perfume... love i t


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