7 Misconceptions About University Life

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Welcome to my university series. Where I hope to share some lessons and tricks I have embezzled along the way that could be of help to any of you. Not the " get a catered accommodation with an ensuite" or "whoever you sit next to in your welcome lecture will be your potential friend/lover for life"-Spoilers, they were wrong!. But, the sometimes neglected negatives that go along university life,  some misconceptions of university that I was not aware off before I made my merry way to the next chapter of my life. 

1. Making friends.
Making friends at university can be somewhat hard. You will be meeting so many different people from all over the country and overseas and most probably during your freshers week. Although you get the typical advice of joining societies is a great way to meet people. I guess everyone tells a different story. I met some of my good friends on my course and will not lie it was very daunting at first to mix with 100's of people, however over time things do fall into place. Even if it takes six months. 

Note- Your circle of friends might change, so don't believe the friends you make during your first year will be your friends for life, and down the road will plan your baby shower and or stand beside you when you say "I do". Most likely not the case. Throughout university you will evolve and might not share common ground with your friends anymore. Don't be suprised if it does happen. 

2. You'll be poor and rich at the same time. 
The excitement of student loan dropping into your bank account, and feel so bad'ass that you have all the money in the world to go and spend. I usually start  the week  ordering off ASOS and buying everything I've been eying. Please don't do that, unless you willing to ignore that your loan might not  even cover your rent and at the end of the semester will be living off your overdraft. Probably  indulging on pasta and pot noodles for the rest of the semester. Great!

3. It's okay not to drink alcohol. 
There's a whole misconception that alcohol is a huge part of uni culture, but it doesn't have to be . Not drinking is just acceptable as drinking. I don't drink and that didn't really influence my social life. I still had a blast of a time at university. There were many like myself who didn't drink much or just didn't drink at all. Here's me telling you there are other options and you can join societies and go to socials where drinking isn't classed as the main event. Don't let alcohol be the reason you cant be part of the university social life. 

4. Spare time. 
Spending 14 (ish) years of my existence in the monotonous world of school and sixth form, my years has always been planned for me; educational pursuits from September to June and "sleep-all-day" throughout July and August. So having a lot of spare time was a shock to my system especially first year. Not being required to be a uni everyday or for more than couple of hours a day I just found so bizarre. And yes I did waste a lot of my spare time binging on Netflix shows. The spare time does matter especially when you have none to spend in in your final year.So go take up a hobby or do that reading you had to do. 

5.  Bad times at uni is a thing. 
University life can seem great and glamourised from the outside. However it can get very stressful. So its very unrealistic to say that you will manage three years of your life without any struggles, regardless to whether your in accommodation or commuting into uni. You will struggle at one point with making friends, getting good grades, living away from home, romantic relationships not to forget the budgeting and cleaning. 

The amount of break downs I've had, questioning "why I'm I putting myself through this to be only left in debt" and its okay to feel like that once in a while. Just remember the concept of "delayed gratification" and thats not the degree that you'll be awarded, but the strength you've found when locating yourself in the unfamiliar surrounding/situations  and learning to understand your intellectual abilities.Your university experience does become the you that is ready to concur the world, when you graduate. 

6. Work experience, Placement and Internships. 
Three years of no experience will not look good on a CV. Three years is a long time to get in some great experience for when you finish. My course had a placement office that sent out emails every couple of days about placement and intern opportunities. I took a few opportunities whether they are paid or not. Do put yourself out there to gain experience it really can go a long way when you applying for graduate jobs after your degree.

7. You will change. 
You wil not the be same "you" who on the first day was looking for her/his lecture room when you graduate. You will change and thats part of growing, not to say thats a  bad thing it's just part of life I guess. No person will go through three years of their life and not change, the changes will happen as long as your willing to learn from you mistakes and develop. You might not think so now but I definitely am not the same person I was who I first started uni. So embrace your "mistakes" throughout your uni years and use them as a time to develop. 

So thats it from me, Leave a comment if you have any questions  I'm happily willing to answer. Do let me know how you felt about your university experience or are you about to go?

Do your thing girl x



  1. This is such a great post. There are a lot of aspects about university which are rarely discussed and hard to pinpoint until experienced. I love how you explained why using all this free time is important. A really inspiring read x


  2. Exactly hun. I'm glad you liked the post :)x

  3. I like the tips you exposed. They are so true and incredibly useful to tackle university life effectively. I really like your blog.

  4. I'm starting back at uni next Monday after two years out and this had reminded me of some really good points. I'm really nervous that I won't make friends as easily as first year but our post has put me at ease x

    1. Awww I get it it, university can be daunting but I'm sure you'll ease in just fine and make friends in no time :)x


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