Hey, It's Okay...

Here's a little reassurance from me to you,  whatever it is that your going through at the moment. 

Hey, It's okay....That you can't do it all. 

We're all constantly beating ourselves up for not managing everything. Trying to find the right balance between spending time with loved ones or giving work everything that we have, so that you end up not having a life. But the truth is that it is impossible to do it all, as much as we all can try and read every book, blogpost or watch videos on finding the right balance. There is only 24 hours in the day and sometimes our life pulls in different ways and you know what that okay.

Hey its okay.. If your mental health isn't the best right now. 

Mental health is something that is very complex and its never simple or linear, even when were going through somewhat good patch, each day is different. And for that reason its important to understand that its okay if your struggling with your mental health right now. You are not alone and so no matter what don't let your brain fool you into that. Mental health is an illness a serious so don't be ashamed or embarrassed to reach for help.

Hey its okay..To not have many friends. 

One of my biggest life lessons, is that friendships start to become complex once your past the school and university stage maybe because its not circumstances that brings friends together anymore. When your an adult and you naturally pile on all the responsibilities its not easy to make friends anymore and your older friendship are even harder to maintain. I went through a stage where I was somewhat ashamed that I'm not surrounded by a large circle of friends anymore..but now I'm okay with that and dearly cherish the friendships I do have. So the quality over quantity mantra definitely applies here.

Hey its okay.. To feel lonely. 

Much like I've realised how normal it is to have a huge bunch of friends something else that I've learned is that feeling lonely is okay too. Being alone is something I had to learn to embrace and make it for me. it doesn't necessarily mean that its easy and somedays it harder than other. But one thing I've learned is that the moment you start to feel embarrassed or ashamed that's when the feeling just gets so much worse. So embrace!

Hey its okay...To take care of yourself. 

Now.. We all know the whole self-care movement has become incredibly popular over the past year or so online and since then it did get a little bit of a bad rap. I understand that when it gets busy and you to do list is just endless then it is a little infuriating to be told "hey you should take a bubble bath and just relax". That was my mantra for a while but now self care isn't about take that long luxurious soak for me , it's more about finding ways to nourish your body and finding the  regime that gives you that boost of energy, if thats having energising food, doing some sort of workout (I'm no gym guru-long walks does just fine for me) or even have that morning coffee that makes you feel like your doing the best for you body and mind so you can function properly then so be it. Self care isn't about running yourself into the ground its more about implementing routines into your daily life that prevents you from the burn out.

Hey its okay...That you don't want to do it all. 

God I could relate to this one, were constantly told "we should do this and that" from such a young age and its normalised that were all expected to want the same thing, but no thats not okay. Yeah we all want to strive but for different things and there is no right or wrong way to do it. So here goes to all those people that constantly have told you that unless you're doing things their way your wrong, your plan is gonna end up failing. Learn to be authentic and do things you want to do, and just think about all those things you that you couldn't care less about on a daily basis to simply prove a point to somebody else-no way to go through life. I had to learn that the hard way.

More things that are totally okay. 

  • To be an introvert
  • To go bed at 9pm
  • To enjoy your own company
  • To sometimes just want to be on your own.
  • To take that bra off as soon as you get home, release them boobs from the boob jail.
  • Sing to your to your cat

Do Your thing


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