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Dear self,

Its a shame that I am hard on you, let you treat others with more love. You deserve to be celebrated too so thank you ...

1. For trying to be a better person- For always thriving to be the best friend and best daughter- in general being the best person you can be. thank you for always trying to go out of your way to help others and always thriving to see the good in everyone.

2.  For Not Giving Up-  For learning to accept your disappointments and failures as a blessing in disguise. Always striving and pulling through the enduring anxiety and pain . Thank you for helping me remember how to live without fear, doubt and anxiety.

3. For Letting Someone You Loved Go- Thank you, for Protecting my heart, helping me heal from heartbreak and trust in the magic of love. thank you for teaching me to free self hate from my heart and replace with love-self love.

4. For your kindness- Thank you for doing things selflessly, for giving without expecting a return. for sharing your experiences with people who could benefit from them and being kind to yourself when the wold is being hard on you.

5. For the moment of weakness- Thank you for letting me know that I'm not perfect, but create perfect moments when I'm unapologetically me. Thank you for teaching me to let go of the the thoughts that made me guarded and the emotions I've repressed.

6. For making mistakes- Thank you for letting me make decisions that only left me to grow and blossom to who I am today, all the mistakes that only left me become wiser and stronger. The decision and mistakes that do not define who I am.

7. Embracing the chaos of life-  Thank you for keeping that smile on my face when I'm down, for teaching me to put a face on and participate in life even when the burden of the world is an anchor. Thank you for showing me to believe in tomorrow and the beauty that awaits no matter how unpredictable and messy life can be.

8. You make me proud- For your little pondering thoughts to your big achievements, the person you are evolving to be come. The lessons you have learned to embrace yourself and letting go of the masked you.Thank you for the beautiful things you do that go unnoticed to the sincere prayers you say to the ones you love, the compromises you make. The risky chances and silly things you do to make people smile. Thank you for all the moments that make me grateful to be a gift to my parents, family and friends.

     Awkwardly Yours,



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