Advice to Young Self

Hey, here I am from the future to give you some pointers that hopefully will save you some pain. But before that, here are a few quick updates from the future

  •  No flying car yet… yeah I know I’m really bumped about that too
  •  Your love for eating chicken will pass… that I still can’t believe
  •  Last but not least- you have become a resilient and self-confident person who is learning to love herself.

 One big advice from all the other little advice's listed down below for you,  just be content with whom you are and remember that your appearance, your school grades and your bunch of school “friends” do not define who you are or will be

  •   Don’t try and make everyone like you
  •   Don’t despise puberty- those mood swings do pass (trust me )
  •   Continue with what you enjoy even if it’s not what you friends like
  •   Don’t lie to your parents about your grades- come on we’ve all been ?
  •   Learn to make daily to-do list and STICK TO IT!!
  •  Don’t rely on fate… “you reap what you sow”
  •  Read for fun, even when you don’t have time
  •   Learn to say no
  •  listen to yourself rather than  letting others dictate your life
  •  Oh…nearly forgot this one, go to proper brow shop to get your brows done

                                                            Do your thing girl xx


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