Social Pressure

Why do we have to answer to social pressures ?

Hello my darlings, on this post I wanted to give an insight on an issue that is highly affected by many of us including me. 

The society that we are all currently residing in social pressure is all over from social media to friends and even family members. These standards set out in society are there to guide us, yet manipulates us, distort our identity, our self-worth and the little things we all enjoy, for what ?!! So we can satisfy somebody else or so we can get accepted into society?

If you are currently feeling like this and feel like there is no way out, I just want to reassure you that it’s okay to say no to these standards and don’t change who you are for someone who is not willing to see that striking spark in you that makes you different from everyone else.  There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to improve, fix, push down, play small or hide away.  Be you, enjoy you and last but not least never let anyone ruin you!!!

I do believe in truth, freedom and following the trail of our curiosities

Do your thing girl xx 


  1. Amazing post exploring some real issues in society, especially experienced amongst teenage girls! I have seen you have just started out as a blogger, good luck and a great start!

    Emma’s World X

  2. Totally agree.
    We have to live our life for ourselves and not for others.



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