A Girl's Journal

It's always difficult answering when it comes to ‘tell us a bit about yourself?’ it’s one of them questions where I just freeze on the spot and rethink my whole life and who I am, but anyway. 

Hello, I’m a 21-year-old who is on the journey of self-discovery, and hoping this platform will allow me to document the little triumphs in life that fill's my heart. A Girl’s Journal is a recipe of life advice, beauty products that we can actually afford!! (Or pretend we can afford lol), snippets of my daily life and of course my love for food. 

It’s also a destination for anyone who needs reassurance that they’re not alone when things get difficult, not at all; I mean at times we all are looking for the big purpose we’re all flipping over stones to find, I am your invisible friend who will make you laugh or will inspire you.

Do your thing girl xx



  1. I'm excited to see what you post!! Love the 'or pretend we can afford' so accurate :P xx


  2. Oh seem like a really lovely blog! Off to read your lemon drizzle post now hehehe xxx

  3. Thank you, oh you should !! :) xx


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